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Lakshya Institute of Technology

Affiliated to Utkal University, Odisha / Recognised by Director of Higher Education
College Code : 37UT
B.Sc CS Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
Semester I
Ability Enhancement Course-I Environmental Science) 4
Core Course-I Programming in C 4
Core Course-II Computer Organization 4
Core Course-III Probability & Statistics 4
Core Course I Practical Programming using C LAB 2
Core Course II Practical Computer Organization LAB 2
Generic Elective-I Practical Probability & Statistics LAB 2
Semester II
Ability Enhancement Course-II M I L (Comm. English) 2
Core Course III Programming using C++ 4
Core Course IV Data Structures 4
Generic Elective-II Numerical Techniques 4
Core Course III Practical C++ LAB 2
Core Course IV Practical Data Structures LAB 2
Generic Elective-II Practical Numerical Techniques LAB 2
Semester III
Core Course V Operating Systems 4
Core Course VII Discrete Structures 4
Skill Enhancement Course-I English Communication 4
Generic Elective-III Electricity & Magnetism LAB 4
Core Course V Practical OS LAB 2
Core Course VI Practical Database Management system LAB 2
Core Course VII Practical Discrete Structures LAB 2
General Elective-III Practical Electricity & Magnetism LAB 2
Semester IV
Core Course VIII JAVA Programming 4
Core Course-IX Computer Network 4
Core Course-X Computer Graphics 4
Skill Enhancement Course-II Android Programming 2
Generic Elective-IV Electronics 4
Core Course VIII Practical JAVA LAB 2
Core Course IX Practical Computer Network LAB 2
Core Course X Practical Management Accounting LAB 2
General Elective-IV Practical Electronics LAB 2
Semester V
Core Course-XI Internet Technology 4
Core Course-XII Software Engineering 4
Discipline Specific Elective-I Information Security 4
Discipline Specific Elective-II Microprocessor 4
Core Course-XII Practical Internet Technology LAB 2
Core Course-XIII Practical Software Engineering LAB 2
Discipline Specific Elective-I Practical Information Security LAB 2
Discipline Specific Elective-II Practical Microprocessor LAB 2
Semester VI
Core Course-XIII Artificial Intelligence 4
Core Course-XIV Design & Analysis of Algorithms 4
Discipline Specific Elective-III Cloud Computing 4
Core Course-XIV Practical Artificial Intelligence LAB 2
Core Course-XIV Practical Design & Analysis of Algorithms LAB 2
Discipline Specific Elective-III Practical Cloud Computing LAB 2
Discipline Specific Practical Work Software Project Work 8