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Lakshya Institute of Technology

Affiliated to Utkal University, Odisha / Recognised by Director of Higher Education
College Code : 37UT
Rules and Regulations
The academic session of the University is from June to May has two terms: (i) June to December, and (ii) January to May.
Admission to the University begins after the publication of the results and continues till the last day prescribed for such admission by the authorities.
A student seeking admission is required to apply in the prescribed form within the specified date. Before she is admitted to the University, she and her guardian have to sign an undertaking in the form prescribed that the student would abide by the rules of the University.
Admission is done for, +3 1st year Degree class and P.G. on merit determined on the basis of marks in the qualifying examinations.
Admission to the University cannot be claimed as a matter of right.
Every student, at the time of admission, shall furnish her present address to the University Office. Any subsequent change of address should be intimated to the office in writing.
Honours Selection: i) The students of Arts will not be allowed to change their honours subject since Honours selection in Arts is performed by counselling. ii) The students of Science and Commerce will be allowed to change their honours subject within 30 days after the last date of regular admission provided there is vacancy in the subject.
Every student is required to attend her classes regularly and punctually. Continuous absence without permission is a serious breach of University discipline.
Students are required to take their seats before the teacher enters the classroom. They should not ordinarily leave their seats when the class is going on.
A student coming late and seeking permission to enter the classroom, may be allowed to do so at the discretion of the teacher concerned.
In no circumstances shall teaching be interrupted by any student in the classroom.
The student should behave in the classroom in a disciplined manner and be attentive to the teacher.
Students not connected with a class in progress should not assemble in front of the classroom or make noise. They are strictly forbidden to loiter on the verandahs or in the corridors.
Students of University cannot form or maintain any Club, Society or Association without permission from the University authority. No University player can play for any team other than the University team without the written permission of the PG Council Chairperson.
Permission is required for students including boarders, to attend political meetings, but they should so conduct themselves as not to bring themselves into undesirable prominence and they must not take any active part in the proceedings. It is to be borne in mind, however, that the University exists for the purpose of education. Politics in the University should be dealt in a scholarly way in the form of lectures and thoughtful address. The O.S.D./V.C. may, however, prohibit all students from attending a political meeting (Article No. 114 of the Orissa Education Code).
Students are required to go to the counters specified to get their work done. They should not enter the office for any purpose without permission.
Students are required to maintain discipline at the counters.
Students are not allowed to enter the staff common room. In case a student has some work with a member of the teaching staff, she is required to inform through the attendant of the common room.
Students should bring their Identity Cards regularly and produce whenever required.
Students should put their grievances in writing to the PG Council Chairperson/Director,Student affairs.
Students desiring to meet the O.S.D./V.C. on important matters may do so at any time on any working day.
Every student should see the University Notice Board regularly to get necessary information regarding all office orders, decisions, and instructions given from time to time. Ignorance of a student due to negligence on this point will not be accepted as an excuse.
It is the duty of the students to safeguard the property of their own alma- mater and keep the buildings and the campus neat and clean.
Students should not spit on the walls, floors, staircases, pillars or doors and windows of the University building.
They should not stick any bills or notice to the walls, nor should they write on the walls, floors and surfaces of the University building.
They must not displace or damage the furniture of the University. Any damage to the University property shall be viewed seriously and the student concerned shall be penalised.